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livin the life of cockslap mckooshballs

yeah, i'm talking to you

Razor COOter..Online Trash Can
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This is a community for trashy people who like to eat trash, fuck trash, wear trash, listen to trash, and talk trash.

If you're some sort of a square, look elsewhere.
If you're ready for a popper and a handjob, join us and post your trash front and center.

Just answer the following questions:

what's bare third?:
favorite bitch:
favorite boner:
favorite make-out song:
add a picture if you want:

NO: weird homophobic bullshit, child porn, pictures of people who aren't you, people who don't want to dance, squares, finks, rats, stoolies, or teachers' pets.

Maintained by poseurpantsand barrios. We'll kick you out if you whine like a bitch.